A one-day Meeting on

The Role of the Physical Library in the Era of Internet

held at
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai on 29 December 2023
The meeting was aimed to think about the ways in which the conventional brick-and-mortar library can reimagine its purpose so as to become even more and more information is accessible online via internet.

The meeting was also an opportunity to honor Dr. Paul Pandian, the chief librarian of IMSc, on the occasion of the retirement and concluded with a ceremony to mark his achievement.

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Invited Speakers of the meeting
Physical, Digital and Virtual Anywhere & Many Wares
Mr. N V Sathyanarayana
Informatics India Ltd, Bangalore

Mr. Sathyanarayana, started his talk with a few examples of areas like automobiles, online education and movies transformed with the help of digital technologies to stay on top. He explained how Harvard Business School ‘s Online Education Revenue is almost equal to On-Campus Students Fee Revenue.He explained about transformational changes in libraries, emerging technologies, and how physical, digital, and virtual developments will shape the future. He concluded the the talk with “Physical and Virtual will co-exist enhancing learning and research all through the civilization”.
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"The Future of Physical Libraries in the Digital Era: Success Priniciples and Strategies"
Dr. R. Venkata Kesavan
Times Archives & Knowledge Centre, Mumbai

Dr. Venkata Kesavan explained how library services transformed in the digital era and the need for the transformation. He identified and recommended strategies for transformation with seven principles(Core Philosophy, Customers, Contents, Convergence, Costs, Communications, Competencies). He talked about the best practices, benefits, issues, and challenges in library and information services in the digital era.
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Libraries as collaborative spaces in academic and research ecosystem
Prof. Devika P. Madalli
Director, INFLIBNET Centre, Ahmedabad

Dr. Devika P. Madalli, briefly explained how libraries can serve as community centers, preserve cultural heritage, conduct cultural and educational programs and create repositories for unique archives and special collections. She concluded her talk with few examples of services to the community such as digital literacy programs, reference services, access to print resources, technology access etc.
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Net or physical, science or math, the librarian is not going anywhere anytime soon
Prof. Subbiah Arunachalam
DST Centre for Policy Research, IISc, Bengaluru

Dr. Subbiah Arunachalam, talked about his connection with MATSCIENCE since 1996. He also talked about, his frequent interation with Dr. Paul Pandian and other members of the Institute. He explained how Libraries and Librarian help the scientists with wide range of information resources. He concluded his talk with with a shoutout, “Long live the library and the librarian”.
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Libraries in Modern Era: Physical to Digital transition or Co-existance?
Prof. Shivakumar Jolad
FLAME University, Pune

Dr. Shivakumar Jolad, started his talk about the new generation where there is a generational shift in reading habits, emphasis more on tools for knowledge assembly than creation etc. He also talked about his early days and his visits to Karnataka Central Library in Bangaluru and compared it with the services of Public Libraries in US. He touched up on libraries of various era (Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Post Modern Era). He talked about digitization and dissimination of knowledge in usable format with an example of textual analysis of “Constituent Assembly Debates”. He concluded his talk with coexistence of physical space (for scholarly and leisurely reading and writing) and Digital space (for access, ease of Information, ease of research and analysis).
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Meet Me at the Library: The Academic Library as Place and Space
Prof. Sumithra Surendralal
Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts
Symbiosis International University

Prof. Sumithra Surendralal started her talk with the quote "Inhabited space transcends geometric space” by Gaston Bachelard, The Poetics of Space. She proceeded to elaborate on the library as a space where individuals engage with the physicality of books and other educational resources, emphasizing its significance as a social space. Additionally, she discussed the potential of libraries to actively engage in outreach efforts.
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Libraries as safe, welcoming places
Ms. Banupriya
Free Libraries Network

Ms. Banu Priya started her talk with an introduction to Free Libraries Network, their programs and services to the community. She demostrated, how they conduct workshops to children. She also talked about their journey so far from a private facebook group to over 200 FLN organisations all over India.
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