Kaletha, Tasho

Bruhat-Tits Theory : A New Approach - Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2023 - 718p - New mathematical monographs 44 .

Affine root systems and abstract buildings
Algebraic groups
Examples: quasi-split simple groups of rank 1
Overview and summary of Bruhat-Tits theory
The Apartment
The Bruhat-Tits building for a valuation of the root datum
Integral models
Unramified descent
Residue field F of dimension <1
Component groups of integral models
Finite group actions and tamely ramified descent
Moy-Prasad filtrations
Functorial properties
The buildings of classical groups via Lattice chains
Classification of maximal unramified tori (dʼaprès DeBacker)
Classification of tamely ramified maximal tori
The volume formula

"Bruhat-Tits theory is an important topic in number theory, representation theory, harmonic analysis, and algebraic geometry. This book gives the first comprehensive treatment of this theory over discretely valued Henselian fields. It can serve both as a reference for researchers in the field and as a thorough introduction for graduate students and early career mathematicians. Part I of the book gives a review of the relevant background material, touching upon Lie theory, metric geometry, algebraic groups, and integral models. Part II gives a complete, detailed, and motivated treatment of the core theory. For more experienced readers looking to learn the essentials for use in their own work, there is also an axiomatic summary of Bruhat-Tits theory that suffices for the main applications. Part III treats modern topics that have become important in current research. Part IV provides a few sample applications of the theory. The appendices contain further details on the topic of integral models, including a detailed study of the integral models of tori"-- Provided by publisher

9781108831963 (HB)

Buildings (Group theory)
Number theory

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The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

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