Effros, Edward G.,

Theory of Operator spaces - Providence American Mathematical Society 2022 - 358 p. - AMS Chelsea publishing 386 .

Originally published as Operator Spaces by The Clarendon Press; New York, Oxford University Press. © 2000. Reprinted with corrections by the American Mathematical Society, 2022.

Includes bibliographical references and index.


Banach spaces.
Quantum theory.
Operator spaces.
Functional analysis -- Selfadjoint operator algebras ($C^*$-algebras, von Neumann ($W^*$-) algebras, etc.) -- Operator spaces and completely bounded maps.
Functional analysis -- Normed linear spaces and Banach spaces; Banach lattices -- Spaces of operators; tensor products; approximation properties.
Operator theory -- Linear spaces and algebras of operators -- Operator spaces (= matricially normed spaces).

517.98 / EFF
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

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