Nastase Horatiu

Introduction to Quantum Field Theory - Cambridge, New York Cambridge University Press 2019 - 705 p.

This book is meant as a two-semester course in quantum field theory, skipping some material that can be studied independently. The chapters with asterisk I have not taught in my class, and can be skipped in a first reading, or when teaching the material. The book and the corresponding course is supposed to follow a course in classical field theory, however, I have tried to make the book self-contained. That means that only a thorough knowledge of classical mechanics, quantum mechanics, and electromagnetism is really needed, though it is preferrable to have firrst classical field theory. I will only review classical field theory, without going in great detail"-- Provided by publisher.

9781108493994 (HP)

Quantum field theory.

530.145 / NAS
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

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