Raychaudhuri, Sreerup, Sridhar K.

Particle physics of brane worlds and extra dimensions - Cambridge Cambridge university press 2016 - xv,324p, - Cambridge monographs on mathematical physics .

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Dimensional dreams -- The Standard Model and beyond -- The birth of compact dimensions -- String theory: a review -- Effective theories -- Large extra dimensions -- Visible towers of invisible gravitons -- Making black holes -- Universal extra dimensions -- Warped compactifications -- Graviton resonances -- Stability of warped Worlds -- Exploring the bulk -- Epilogue.

"This book provides a comprehensive account of these recent developments, keeping the high-energy physics implications in focus. After a historical survey of the idea of extra dimensions, the book deals in detail with models of large extra dimensions, warped extra dimensions and other models such as universal extra dimensions. The theoretical and phenomenological implications are discussed in a pedagogical manner for both researchers and graduate students"--


Particles (Nuclear physics)
String models.
Fourth dimension.

539.1 / RAY
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

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