Drake, F.R

Recursion Theory : its Generalisations and Applications Proceedings of Logic Colloquium 79, Leeds, August 1979 - Cambridge Cambridge University Press 1980 - 319p - London mathematical society lecture note series ; 00045 .

Recursion theory - now a well-established branch of pure mathematics, having grown rapidly over the last 35 years - deals with the general (abstract) theory of those operations which we conceive as being `computable' by idealized machines. The theory grew out of, and is usually still regarded, as a branch of mathematical logic. This book is a collection of advanced research/survey papers by eminent research workers in the field, based on their lectures given at the Leeds Logic Colloquium 1979. As such it provides an up-to-date view of current ideas and developments in the field of recursion theory as a whole. The individual contributions fit together naturally so as to provide an overview of all the main areas of research in the field. It will therefore be an important and invaluable source for advanced researchers and research students in mathematics and computer science (particularly in Europe, USA and USSR)


mathematics logic

510.6 / DRA
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

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