Gardner, Martin

Origami, eleusis, and the soma cube Martin Gardner's mathematicsl diversions - Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2008 - xi,234 p. - The new Martin Gardner mathematical library .

"The Mathematical Association of America."
"First edition published as The 2nd Scientific American book of mathematical puzzles & diversions, Simon and Schuster, 1961"--

The five platonic solids
Henry Ernest Dudeney : England's greatest puzzlist
Digital roots
Nine problems
The Soma cube
Recreational topology
Phi : the golden ratio
The monkey and the coconuts
Recreational logic
Magic squares
James Hugh Riley shows, Inc
Nine more problems
Eleusis : the introduction game
Squaring the square
Mechanical puzzles
Probability and ambiguity
The mysterious Dr. Matrix

In this second volume in the series, Martin Gardner introduces readers to the generalized ham sandwich theorem, origami, digital roots, magic squares, the mathematics of cooling coffee, the induction game of eleusis,Dudeney puzzles, the maze at Hampton Court Palace, and many more mathematical puzzles and principles


Jeux mathématiques
Matematiska lekar
Puzzles and games

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