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_b.T75 1993
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245 0 2 _aA Tribute to Emil Grosswald :
_h[electronic resource]
_bnumber theory and related analysis /
_cMarvin Knopp, Mark Sheingorn, editors.
260 _aProvidence, R.I. :
_bAmerican Mathematical Society,
300 _a1 online resource (viii, 612 p. : ill.)
490 1 _aContemporary mathematics,
_x0271-4132 (print);
_x1098-3627 (online);
_vv. 143
505 0 0 _tIn appreciation of Emil Grosswald /
_rDavid Bressoud, Marvin Knopp and Mark Sheingorn --
_tPh.D.\ students of Emil Grosswald /
_rMarvin Knopp and Mark Sheingorn --
_tPublications of Emil Grosswald /
_rMarvin Knopp and Mark Sheingorn --
_tA rather exact formula for the number of plane partitions /
_rGert Almkvist --
_tOn Ramanujan's empirical calculation for the Rogers-Ramanujan identities /
_rGeorge E. Andrews --
_tIntegers expressible in a given number of ways as a sum of two squares /
_rPaul T. Bateman --
_tA theorem of Ramanujan on certain alternating series /
_rBruce C. Berndt and James Lee Hafner --
_tCombinatorial equivalence of definitions of the Schur function /
_rDavid M. Bressoud and Shi-Yuan Wei --
_tIs there life on finite upper half planes? /
_rNancy Celniker, Steven Poulos, Audrey Terras, Cindy Trimble and Elinor Velasquez --
_tRational period functions for $\mathrm {PSL}(2, \mathbf {Z})$ /
_rYj. Choie and D. Zagier --
_tRational period functions and indefinite binary quadratic forms. III /
_rL. Alayne Parson --
_tHypergeometric and modular function identities, and new rational approximations to and continued fraction expansions of classical constants and functions /
_rD. V. Chudnovsky and G. V. Chudnovsky --
_tOrbital modular equations /
_rHarvey Cohn --
_tA mean-value theorem for class numbers of quadratic extensions /
_rBoris A. Datskovsky --
_tOn a generalization of Farey sequences. I /
_rFrancine Delmer and Jean-Marc Deshouillers --
_tSieve auxiliary functions. II /
_rHarold G. Diamond, H. Halberstam and H.-E. Richert --
_tA relation between cubic exponential and Kloosterman sums /
_rW. Duke and H. Iwaniec --
_tFunction theory for Rogers-Ramanujan-like partition identities /
_rLeon Ehrenpreis --
_tForcing two sums simultaneously /
_rP. Erd´┐Żos, D. J. Newman and J. Knappenberger --
_tDifference polynomials /
_rRonald J. Evans, Kenneth B. Stolarsky and John J. Wavrik --
_tAn application of Ehrenpreis's basis method to the Rogers-Ramanujan identities /
_rJane E. Friedman --
_tExtensions of some extremal properties of prime divisors to Poisson limit theorems /
_rJanos Galambos --
_tRational period functions with irrational poles are not Hecke eigenfunctions /
_rEllen Gethner --
_tOn the number of Fourier coefficients that determine a modular form /
_rDorian Goldfeld and Jeffrey Hoffstein --
_tAn explicit formula of Landau and its applications to the theory of the zeta-function /
_rS. M. Gonek --
_tMultiplicative properties of $\eta $-products. II /
_rBasil Gordon and Kim Hughes --
_tCounting subgroups of given index in Hecke groups /
_rMichael Grady and Morris Newman --
_tRelatively prime values of polynomials /
_rJames Lee Hafner, Peter Sarnak and Kevin McCurley --
_tA new proof that every odd triperfect number has at least twelve prime factors /
_rPeter Hagis, Jr. --
_tA Hecke-Weil correspondence theorem for automorphic integrals on $\Gamma _0(N)$, with arbitrary rational period functions /
_rJohn H. Hawkins and Marvin I. Knopp --
_tLagrange's theorem for Hecke triangle groups /
_rJ. Lehner --
_tBase change and the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture /
_rM. Ram Murty and V. Kumar Murty --
_tA "natural" proof of the nonvanishing of $L$-series /
_rD. J. Newman --
_tNonexistence of Siegel zeros in towers of radical extensions /
_rAndrew M. Odlyzko and Chris M. Skinner --
_tModular integrals and indefinite binary quadratic forms /
_rL. Alayne Parson --
_tDiagonalizing Eisenstein series. II /
_rRobert A. Rankin --
_tMultiplier systems for the Hecke groups $G(\sqrt 2)$ and $G(\sqrt 3)$ /
_rDavid Rosen --
_tLow height Hecke triangle group geodesics /
_rMark Sheingorn --
_tOn the Shimura lift for Hilbert modular forms /
_rThomas R. Shemanske and Lynne H. Walling --
_tDirichlet's class-number formula revisited /
_rH. M. Stark --
_tClosed form (pun intended!) /
_rDoron Zeilberger --
_tGert Almkvist's generalization of a mistake of Bourbaki /
_rDoron Zeilberger --
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533 _aElectronic reproduction.
_bProvidence, Rhode Island :
_cAmerican Mathematical Society.
538 _aMode of access : World Wide Web
588 _aDescription based on print version record.
650 0 _aNumber theory.
650 0 _aCombinatorial analysis.
700 1 _aGrosswald, Emil.
700 1 _aKnopp, Marvin Isadore,
700 1 _aSheingorn, Mark,
776 0 _iPrint version:
_tTribute to Emil Grosswald :
_w(DLC) 92039436
786 _dAmerican Mathematical Society
830 0 _aContemporary mathematics (American Mathematical Society) ;
_vv. 143.
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