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020 _a9780821877326 (online)
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_b.F58 1993
082 0 0 _a574.19/1
245 0 0 _aFluid dynamics in biology :
_h[electronic resource]
_bproceedings of an AMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference held July 6-12, 1991 with support from the National Science Foundation and NASA Headquarters /
_cA.Y. Cheer, C.P. van Dam, editors.
260 _aProvidence, RI :
_bAmerican Mathematical Society,
300 _a1 online resource (xii, 586 p. : ill.)
490 1 _aContemporary mathematics,
_x0271-4132 (print);
_x1098-3627 (online);
_vv. 141
500 _a"Contains most of the papers that were presented at the Conference on Biofluiddynamics, which was held July 6-12, 1991 at the University of Washington, Seattle"--Pref.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references.
505 0 0 _tBiofluiddynamics: a survey /
_rJames Lighthill --
_tHairy little legs: Feeding, smelling, and swimming at low Reynolds numbers /
_rM. A. R. Koehl --
_tDisturbance, natural selection, and the prediction of maximal wave-induced forces /
_rMark W. Denny --
_tComputational modeling of the swimming of biflagellated algal cells /
_rLisa J. Fauci --
_tMechanical approach toward flagellar motility /
_rMasatoshi Murase --
_tMechanical analysis of particle capture by rectangular-mesh nets /
_rCatherine Loudon and Donald N. Alstad --
_tFish as filters: An empirical and mathematical analysis /
_rS. Laurie Sanderson and A. Y. Cheer --
_tComputational biofluid dynamics /
_rCharles S. Peskin and David M. McQueen --
_tAcoustic streaming in the ear itself /
_rJames Lighthill --
_tComputation of incompressible viscous flows through artificial heart devices with moving boundaries /
_rCetin Kiris, Stuart Rogers, Dochan Kwak and I-Dee Chang --
_tAn implicit numerical method for fluid dynamics problems with immersed elastic boundaries /
_rAnita A. Mayo and Charles S. Peskin --
_tContinuum models of platelet aggregation: Mechanical properties and chemically-induced phase transitions /
_rAaron L. Fogelson --
_tSurface-tension instabilities of liquid-lined elastic tubes /
_rD. Halpern and J. B. Grotberg --
_tDynamic flow in the nephron: Filtered delay in the TGF pathway /
_rE. Bruce Pitman, H. E. Layton and Leon C. Moore --
_tA new finite-difference scheme and its application to flows in stenosed arteries /
_rH. Huang, V. J. Modi and B. R. Seymour --
_tOn aerodynamics and the energetics of vertebrate flapping flight /
_rJeremy M. V. Rayner --
_tOn the significance of unsteady effects in the aerodynamic performance of flying animals /
_rG. R. Spedding --
_tMechanics and energetics of ground effect in flapping flight /
_rH. de la Cueva and R. W. Blake --
_tStability of aquatic animal locomotion /
_rDaniel Weihs --
_tLift and drag calculations for wings and tails: Techniques and applications /
_rC. P. van Dam, K. Nikfetrat and P. M. H. W. Vijgen --
_tFlow in large blood vessels /
_rStanley A. Berger --
_tThe mechanics of blood flow in capillaries /
_rT. W. Secomb --
_tUnsteady flow in a curved pipe /
_rClement G. Yam and Harry A. Dwyer --
_tOptimality in Biological Fluid Transport Systems /
_rMichael Labarbera --
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533 _aElectronic reproduction.
_bProvidence, Rhode Island :
_cAmerican Mathematical Society.
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588 _aDescription based on print version record.
650 0 _aFluid dynamics
650 0 _aFluid dynamics
_xMathematical models
650 0 _aBiophysics
700 1 _aCheer, A. Y.
_q(Angela Y.),
700 1 _aVan Dam, C. P.
_q(Cornelis P.),
711 2 _aAMS-IMS-SIAM Joint Summer Research Conference on Biofluiddynamics
_d(1991 :
_cUniversity of Washington)
776 0 _iPrint version:
_tFluid dynamics in biology :
_w(DLC) 92026926
786 _dAmerican Mathematical Society
830 0 _aContemporary mathematics (American Mathematical Society) ;
_vv. 140.
856 4 _3Contents
856 4 _3Contents
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