Schwermer, Joachim

Reduction Theory and Arithmetic Groups - Cambridge Cambridge University Press 2023 - 360p - New mathematical monographs 45 .

Modules, lattices, and orders
The general linear group over rings
A menagerie of examples
a historical perspective
Arithmetic groups
Arithmetically defined Kleinian groups and hyperbolic 3-space
reduction theory for GL
Reduction theory and (semi)-stable lattices
Arithmetic groups in algebraic k-groups
Arithmetic groups, ambient lie groups, and related geometric objects
Geometric cycles
Geometric cycles via rational automorphisms
Reduction theory for adelic coset spaces

"Filling a gap in the literature, this text gives a solid, rigorous foundation in the subject of the arithmetic of algebraic groups and reduction theory. It follows different developments in this area, geometric as well as number theoretical, at a level suitable for graduate students and researchers in related fields"-- Provided by publisher

9781108832038 (HB)

Arithmetic groups
Mathematics, Number Theory

512.7 / SCH
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

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