Alesker, Semyon

Introduction to the theory of valuations - Boston American Mathematical Society 2018 - vi, 83p. - CBMS regional conference series in mathematics ; 126 .

"Support from the National Science Foundation." Softcover, NSF-CBMS Regional Conference in the Mathematical Sciences on Introduction to the Theory of Valuations on Convex Sets, held at Kent State University, August 10-15, 2015.

9781470443597 (alk. paper)

Graph labelings--Congresses.
Graph theory--Congresses.
Convex and discrete geometry -- Polytopes and polyhedra -- Dissections and valuations (Hilbert's third problem, etc.).
Convex and discrete geometry -- General convexity -- Mixed volumes and related topics.

512.54 / ALE
The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India

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